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Shrine of Remembrance: 2-42 Domain Road, MELBOURNE

Shrine of Remembrance

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Building Profile

Name : Shrine of Remembrance


Address: 2-42 Domain Road

Postcode: 3000

Shrine of Remembrance is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1927 - 1934
Original use: Monument
Current use: Monument

number of floors : 2

Built in the Interwar period in the Academic Classical style

Notable features

The Shrine of Remembrance is a classical building inspired by the Parthenon, with a pedimented Doric style portico and carefully proportioned pyramidal massing. Funded by public appeal following the World War I, the Shrine of Rememberance was designed with landscape architecture in mind to create a picturesque vista to dominate the skyline for many years to come.

The Shrine is currently undergoing construction works, with an undercroft being built to accomodate a tourist information centre.


Build using public donations from the people of Victoria.

Architect: Hudson & Wardrop

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