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Myer Department Store: 314-336 Bourke St , MELBOURNE

Myer Department Store
Myer Department Store
Myer Department Store
Myer Department Store
Myer Department Store

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Building Profile

Name : Myer Department Store
Past Names : Myer Emporium


Address: 314-336 Bourke St

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Built: 1933
Original use: Commercial
Current use: Commercial

Built in the Interwar period in the Art-Deco style

Notable features

Features include a facade rendered in Snowcrete, a new product of the 1930s, panels enlivened by faux Egyptian patterns and the Grand Mural Hall on the sixth floor. Sidney Myer was inspired by the Emporium in San Francisco, which just went out of business in the last decade. The building still stands in Market Street, San Francisco.  On the top level is a spectacular art deco ballroom and Napier wall mural which are also heritage registered.


Architect: H.W & F.B Tompkins

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