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Goldsborough Mort Building: 514-526 Bourke Street , MELBOURNE

Goldsborough Mort Building
Goldsborough Mort Building
Goldsborough Mort Building
Goldsborough Mort Building
Goldsborough Mort Building

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Building Profile

Name : Goldsborough Mort Building


Address: 514-526 Bourke Street

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Built: 1862
Original use: Warehouse
Current use: Office

Built in the Georgian period in the Renaissance Revival style

Notable features

The Goldsborough Mort Building is architecturally significant as the largest and most imposing of the remaining bluestone warehouses. It is a fine example for its variety of finishes of bluestone construction. The shouldered voussoirs and quoin work to the ground and first floor openings are unusual classical motifs but emblematic of architect John Gills work.


The Goldsborough Mort Building was built in 1862 to designs by architect John Gill and was Richard Goldsboroughs first warehouse in what became an extensive complex in this area of the city. The original design was a four storey bluestone building divided into offices and a wool warehouse. Internally cast iron columns and wrought iron beams support the timber floor joists which carried the weight of wool in storage. The top floor was added in 1882, possibly at the same time as an extension to the north end of the building on William Street. . The structure was considerably altered and enlarged throughout the twentieth century. New floors, ceilings, partitions and lifts were added in the 1930s and 1940s. The facades to Bourke and William Streets are of rusticated bluestone with a horizontally coursed base. Fine ashlar work is prominent around the openings. Stylistically, the building sparingly employs some Renaissance motifs, such as voussoirs and quoins. The building is capped by a deep parapet topped at intervals by stone chimneys and a segmental arch pediment. The roof is of a sawtooth type construction.

Architect: John Gill

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