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Jones Bond Store: 33 Riverside Quay, SOUTHBANK

Jones Bond Store
Jones Bond Store
Jones Bond Store
Jones Bond Store
Jones Bond Store

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Building Profile

Name : Jones Bond Store


Address: 33 Riverside Quay

Postcode: 3006

Construction Details

Built: 1888
Original use: Warehouse
Current use: Office

number of floors : 5

Built in the Victorian period in the Colonial Georgian/Regency style

Notable features

The Jones Bond Store is of architectural significance because it documents a development in building design, namely the multi-storey warehouse, a development which was influenced by the introduction of hydraulic lift technology in the mid 1880s.


The Jones Bond Store is of historical significance as one of the largest extant 19th century store complexes in Victoria and one of the few remaining links with Southbanks early industrial and maritime past. The buildings provide evidence of the character of late-19th century warehousing and are a reminder of the fact that the river bank in their vicinity was once a hive of shipping activity. They show how warehouses and shipping freight facilities were more closely integrated in the fabric of the city in the years before containerisation and heavy freight haulage demanded more specialised and separate freight precincts. The simple but substantial character of the buildings reflects Melbournes growing importance as a port city in the post-gold rush years.

Architect: Lloyd Tayler

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