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Rialto Towers: 525 Collins Street, MELBOURNE

Rialto Towers
Rialto Towers
Rialto Towers
Rialto Towers
Rialto Towers

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Building Profile

Name : Rialto Towers


Address: 525 Collins Street

Postcode: 3000

Rialto Towers is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1985 - 1986
Original use: Office
Current use: Office

(to roof) : 251
(to pinnacle) : 251
number of floors : 63

Built in the Eighties period in the Modern style

Notable features

Tallest building in the southern hemisphere and the tallest building in Australia, the Rialto Tower stands as a landmark in Melbourne, soaring above the Yarra River.

The reflective glass skin which wraps around the tower, means that it changes colour throughout the course of the day, mirroring the sky.


Architect: Gerard de Preu

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