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101 Collins Street: 101 Collins Street, MELBOURNE

101 Collins Street
101 Collins Street
101 Collins Street
101 Collins Street
101 Collins Street

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Building Profile

Name : 101 Collins Street


Address: 101 Collins Street

Postcode: 3000

101 Collins Street is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1991
Original use: Office
Current use: Office

(to roof) : 195
(to pinnacle) : 260
number of floors : 50

Built in the Nineties period in the Post-Modern style

Notable features

101 Collins Street makes a distinctive mark on the Melbourne skyline, as it pierces the sky with a 75m high communications spire.

The tower was the first skyscraper in Australia to be completely clad in granite and glass, achieving a polished, glossy look.

Just down the road from 120 Collins Street, the two towers bring a slightly modern art-deco feel to downtown Melbourne, with their soaring spires.

101 Collins features a podium with a giant order which do not provide any structural support, and make reference to the scale of Classicism. The building massing makes reference to the New York set-back style and the form of an art-deco skyscraper.


Built by Grocon, The first granite fagade for a high-rise building of more than 200 meters built in Australia. From its very first construction phases, the 57-storey tower standing on the prominent Collins Street in the heart of Melbourne, represented a technological challenge both for its large dimension and its particular design characteristics. In fact it is the first high-rise granite facade built in Australia.

Architect: Denton Corker Marshall

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