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APA tower: Collins Street, MELBOURNE

APA tower
APA tower
APA tower
APA tower
APA tower

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Building Profile

Name : APA tower


Address: Collins Street

Postcode: 3000

APA tower was a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1927 - 1929
Original use: Office
Current use: Not Used or Not Applicable

(to roof) : 76

Built in the Interwar period in the Art-Deco style

Notable features

THe APA tower dominated the Melbourne skyline for around 40 years. The prominent landmark art deco tower with a classical temple motif was reminiscent of deco towers of Chicago and New York of the same period. The APA was Melbournes tallest until the 1950s, when plot ratios and plazas were introduced.



This building has been destroyed (1969)

Destroyed for no real reason. The tower section was structurally sound, with landmark engineering at the time. The building made use of the neighbouring Sun Alliance Victorian skyscraper, which was made from load bearing brick. When the APA was built, almost all ornament was stripped from the facade of the Sun Alliance in an effort to modernise it. A second tower of identical height was erected on the other side of the tower alond the Collins Street frontage. Occupied by Legal and General in the 1950s who re-developed the site, replacing the building with a low set 20 storey modern building in 1969.

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