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Gordon House: 24 - 38 Little Bourke St, MELBOURNE

Gordon House
Gordon House
Gordon House
Gordon House
Gordon House

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Building Profile

Name : Gordon House


Address: 24 - 38 Little Bourke St

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Built: 1884
Original use: Residential (Terrace)
Current use: Accomodation

number of floors : 3

Built in the Victorian period in the Neo-Gothic style

Notable features

Interesting castellated gothic composition of brick and rendered horizontals and coping.


Gordon House was built in 1883 for George Coppin, theatrical entrepreneur, politician and philanthropist George Selth Coppin. Coppin was one of the fathers of Australian theatre. The building was conceived as subsidised accommodation for actors and was modelled on the Chelsea Model Lodging House in London. The courtyards were supposed to allow for maximisation of natural light and air. Renowned Melbourne architect William Pitt designed Gordon House as a three storey brick building with basement and internal courtyards. The symmetrical facade is eclectically derived from Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance sources. Gordon House remained a lodging house until 1976.

Architect: William Pitt

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