Royal Arcade - 331-337 Bourke Street and 148-150 Elizabeth Street. MELBOURNE [Walking Melbourne Building Information]
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Royal Arcade: 331-337 Bourke Street and 148-150 Elizabeth Street, MELBOURNE

Royal Arcade
Royal Arcade

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Building Profile

Name : Royal Arcade


Address: 331-337 Bourke Street and 148-150 Elizabeth Street

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Built: 1869
Original use: Commercial
Current use: Commercial

Built in the Victorian period in the Renaissance Revival style

Notable features

A beautiful arcade with in a classical Renaissance style featuring baroque eleents to demark the main entrance of the arcade on the facade itself. The glass feature also serves to allow light from the street into the arcade. Pillasters and aedicules make a fine composition, with a coat of arms forming the central feature of a balustraded roofline.


Architect: Charles Webb

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