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Regent Theatre: 191-197 Collins Street and 186-200 Flinders lane, MELBOURNE

Regent Theatre

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Building Profile

Name : Regent Theatre


Address: 191-197 Collins Street and 186-200 Flinders lane

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Built: 1929
Original use: Theatre
Current use: Theatre

Built in the Interwar period in the Renaissance Revival style

Notable features

The Regent was one of many similarly designed theatres in cities around Australia. The Regent in Melbourne is one of the few remaining of such theatres, and it was also the flagship of the nation-wide Hoyts cinema chain, which consisted of large, palace-style Regents in every capital and large country town

The external facade features a grand and greatly exaggerated Renaissance Triumphal arch and Palladian motif. With the giant order columns and some detailed terracotta treatment, the building has some landmark qualities, and represents a very late resurrection of Renaissance ideas.


Architect: Cedric H Ballantyne

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