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Denton Hat Mills: 48-60 Nicholson Street, ABBOTSFORD

Denton Hat Mills
Denton Hat Mills
Denton Hat Mills
Denton Hat Mills
Denton Hat Mills

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Building Profile

Name : Denton Hat Mills
Past Names : Denton Hat Factory


Address: 48-60 Nicholson Street

Postcode: 3067

Construction Details

Built: 1888
Original use: Industrial
Current use: Residential (Apartments)

number of floors : 3

Built in the Victorian period in the Free Classical style

Notable features

The former Denton Hat mills is and industrial building. It is an 3 storey excercise in colourful polychrome brickwork in brick and stone, rather than excessive stonework. This effect is usually associated with Reed & Barnes, and Pitt was known to prefer other materials for construction. Nevertheless, the building represents Pitts desire to express a large amount of detail, and attributes that give secular buildings inherent landmark qualities. The building has a dominant central chimney stack.


The Denton Hat Mills complex has historical significance for its associations with the hat making industry and clothing trade in Melbourne since 1874. The factory rapidly grew to be one of the suburbs largest, reflecting the prosperity of the Denton Hat Mills company. Three early prominent hat manufacturers, James Hobson Turner, Thomas Shelmerdine and Thomas Davison were associated with the Mills, as well as the important merchants, importers and warehousemen, George and Leader Stevenson and, from the 1890s, the brothers John and George Bruce, principal partners in Victorias leading softgoods house, Paterson, Laing and Bruce.

Architect: William Pitt

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