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BHP Petroleum Plaza (120 Collins): 120 Collins Street, MELBOURNE

BHP Petroleum Plaza (120 Collins)
BHP Petroleum Plaza (120 Collins)
BHP Petroleum Plaza (120 Collins)
BHP Petroleum Plaza (120 Collins)
BHP Petroleum Plaza (120 Collins)

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Building Profile

Name : BHP Petroleum Plaza (120 Collins)


Address: 120 Collins Street

Postcode: 3000

BHP Petroleum Plaza (120 Collins) is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1989 - 1991
Original use: Office
Current use: Office

(to roof) : 220
(to pinnacle) : 262
number of floors : 52

Built in the Nineties period in the Post-Modern style

Notable features

120 Collins Street stands out distinctively on the Melbourne skyline, largely through its dramatic design, featuring an art deco reminiscent spire.

If the height of this spire were to be included in the total height of the tower, then 120 Collins Street would in fact be Australias tallest, at 262m.

Like the nearby 101 Collins, 120 Collins pays respect to almost every element of the 20s New York skyscraper vernacular, with set-backs and a central mast, combined in a stunningly modern building. The addition of aesthetically placed twin satellite dishes further alludes to the futuristic neo-gothic. 120 Collins also features exposed air conditioning vents and other structural details, a mixture of square and corbusian window motifs and the use of support floors as expressions to break the height into 3 distinct sections, creating an effect reminiscent of the neo-gothic Woolworth tower in sillhoute. The effect is further enhanced when the building is floodlit at night. The metallic surface of the tower alludes to the Art-Deco Chrysler in New York.

The podium base and the petroleum plazas granite mass makes full attempts to be sympathetic to the sensitive urban environment of Collins Street, despite the sheer mass of the building.


Architect: Hassel Architects

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