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ANZ World Headquarters: 100 Queen Street, MELBOURNE

ANZ World Headquarters
ANZ World Headquarters
ANZ World Headquarters
ANZ World Headquarters
ANZ World Headquarters

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Building Profile

Name : ANZ World Headquarters


Address: 100 Queen Street

Postcode: 3000

ANZ World Headquarters is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1993
Original use: Office
Current use: Office

(to roof) : 162
(to pinnacle) : 162
number of floors : 37

Built in the Nineties period in the Post-Modern style

Notable features

The ANZ world HQ is a postmodern development that involved integration with historic neo-gothic buildings.

The ANZ World Headquarters building is essentially curtainwalled, however it features zig zag tracery which presents like gothic arched structural supports. These structural supports project out and add enormous depth and complexity to the ANZ building facade. The step-back massing effect effect culminates in a gable like structures intersecting on a pitched roofline which covers over the cooling tower. The effect is of a skyscraper Tudor gothic. This gives ANZ World Headquarters building a picturesque mass and landmark qualities. A subtle weather spire sits discretely atop the roof.

A podium is used to be sympathetic to the scale of surrounding heritage buildings, and contributes to the streetscape with lanterns and a brown stone like facade. The emphasis of the ANZ skyscraper is purely vertical.


Architect: Peddle Thorp

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