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Bendigonia: 26 Queens Road, MELBOURNE


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Building Profile

Name : Bendigonia


Address: 26 Queens Road

Postcode: 3004

Construction Details

Built: 1868
Original use: Residential (Mansion)
Current use: Residential (Apartments)

Built in the Victorian period in the Picturesque Gothick style

Notable features

Bendigonia is a relatively late and very unusual example of the bargeboarded Rural Gothic Style, exhibiting something of the muscularity of the Modern Gothic Style. One of only a few remaining residences which portray what was once the prestigious St Kilda Road and Queens Road nineteenth century residential precinct and the elegant lifestyle associated with the area. The home of one of Bendigos more successful mining investors, John Edward Gard. Retaining a number of fine internal spaces dating from the houses 1890s extension. Bendigonia is a representative example of a home of the period with associated outbuildings and their arrangement on the allotment to provide spaces, both formal and informal, which were required for the many activities associated with running a substantial nineteenth century residence.


Architect: John Beswicke

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