Russell Street Police HQ - 336-376 Russell Street. MELBOURNE [Walking Melbourne Building Information]
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Russell Street Police HQ: 336-376 Russell Street, MELBOURNE

Russell Street Police HQ
Russell Street Police HQ
Russell Street Police HQ
Russell Street Police HQ
Russell Street Police HQ

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Building Profile

Name : Russell Street Police HQ


Address: 336-376 Russell Street

Postcode: 3000

Russell Street Police HQ is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1940 - 1943
Original use: Office
Current use: Residential (Apartments)

number of floors : 16

Built in the Forties period in the Art-Deco style

Notable features

The former Police Headquarters Complex is architecturally significant as a rare, surviving example of an early stepped geometric New York or Los Angeles style skyscraper, with brick-facing, in which the combination of radio mast and building form epitomises architectural design of the 1930s. The buildings are also significant for the relatively early moderne style of the ground floor foyer.

The headquarters building was for some time one of the tallest and most visible buildings in Melbourne and was readily identified by Victorians as symbolising the law and order within the state.

With the step-back form inspired by the empire state, this building became like a mini empire-state for many Victorians.


Architect: Percy Everett

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