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Num Pon Soon: 200-202 Little Bourke Street, MELBOURNE

Num Pon Soon
Num Pon Soon
Num Pon Soon
Num Pon Soon
Num Pon Soon

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Building Profile

Name : Num Pon Soon


Address: 200-202 Little Bourke Street

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Built: 1860 - 1861
Original use: Office
Current use: Commercial

number of floors : 2

Built in the Victorian period in the Mannerist style

Notable features

The ground floor sits on a basalt stone plinth and was originally an open Doric colonnade but has been subsequently infilled. The architrave has evolute spiral mouldings. The upper storey balustraded loggia has fluted columns and pilasters employing the Corinthian order. There are Chinese inspired first floor windows and lanterns. The parapet has a mannerist pediment.

The building uses a combination of unexpected scale relationships.


Num Pon Soon is a two storey stuccoed brick building finished in 1861 to the design of notable Melbourne architect Peter Kerr. Lowe Kong Meng , president of the Sam Yup Society at the time, advocated the building of the Chinese Society Clubhouse and contributed towards its erection. The Sam Yup Society later became known as the Num Pon Soon Society. The building was associated with immigrants from Namhoi, Poonyee and Soondak districts in the Canton province of China.

Architect: Knight & Kerr

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