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Marion Terrace: 14-24 Burnett Street, ST KILDA

Marion Terrace
Marion Terrace
Marion Terrace
Marion Terrace
Marion Terrace

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Building Profile

Name : Marion Terrace


Address: 14-24 Burnett Street

Postcode: 3182

Construction Details

Built: 1883
Original use: Residential (Terrace)
Current use: Residential (Terrace)

number of floors : 2

Built in the Victorian period in the Second Empire style

Notable features

Marion Terrace is a rendered brick terrace of six houses with a strong French Second Empire influence. It has an unusual pavilion arrangement with two central three-storey towers, surmounted by curved mansard roofs with cast iron cresting. A Dutch gabled pavilion is at one side of the terrace; the matching gable at the other end was demolished along with the two houses. The towers and gabled section display classically inspired stucco ornament including urns, festoons, pediments, niches and string courses. Arched openings display vermiculated keystones.

Marion Terrace is of architectural significance as a unique example in Victoria of a terrace influenced by the French Second Empire style. The terrace displays all the important features of the style with its composition, symmetry, exuberant facade decoration, and prominent mansard roofed towers, flanking pavilions and recessed residences. Marion Terrace is one of a small group of important, highly distinctive terraces in Melbourne including Royal Terrace, Fitzroy; Rochester Terrace, Albert Park; and Canterbury Terrace, East Melbourne.


Marion Terrace was built in 1883 as an investment for merchant James Roberts. It originally comprised eight terraces; two of the houses have been demolished. The architect is unknown, although Nahum Barnetts name appears as an agent for the owner on the 1899 MMBW drainage plan, suggesting his involvement in the design. Another possible architect is Michael Egan who is linked to another commission for James Roberts.


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