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Cambridge Terrace: 557-567 Drummond Street, CARLTON

Cambridge Terrace
Cambridge Terrace
Cambridge Terrace
Cambridge Terrace
Cambridge Terrace

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Building Profile

Name : Cambridge Terrace


Address: 557-567 Drummond Street

Postcode: 3053

Construction Details

Built: 1873
Original use: Residential (Terrace)
Current use: Residential (Terrace)

Built in the Victorian period in the Colonial Georgian/Regency style

Notable features

Cambridge Terrace is architecturally significant as an unusual terrace notable for its fine di-chrome decoration and continuous parapet with brick cornice at the front and the undulating parapet at the rear. Composed of six repetitive units, each being only two bays wide, it is of interesting length and unusual design. It is a prominent element of the North Drummond Street precinct and a fine example of a building type which is a distinctive feature of inner suburban Melbourne.



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