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Park Hyatt Hotel: 1 Parliament Square, EAST MELBOURNE

Park Hyatt Hotel
Park Hyatt Hotel
Park Hyatt Hotel
Park Hyatt Hotel
Park Hyatt Hotel

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Building Profile

Name : Park Hyatt Hotel


Address: 1 Parliament Square

Postcode: 3002

Construction Details

Built: 1999
Original use: Accomodation
Current use: Accomodation

Built in the Nineties period in the Post-Modern style

Notable features

A new hotel in a sensitive area. Nestled between Parliament Place and St Andrews Place, the Park Hyat uses a combination of features which have an Italianate style to blend into the surrounding heritage buildings, which were restored as part of the project. The mass of the building is broken up into 2 podiums and a central tower to sit within the scale of the streetscape. An entrance is subtly carved between an intact 19th century streetscape.

The design keys come predominately from the Renaissance Revival collection of buildings of the nearby state offices. These include a mock cornice with brackets. The St Andrews Place facade, the most complex, has mock faceted oriel bays, arched windows toward the base and balconnettes with square windows higher up the facade. The effect of stone is created by the sandstone colouring and numerous mock brick string courses. The St Andrews Place facade is an impressive attempt in sympathetic design, which almost matches its neighbours in complexity and grandeur.

The smaller podium toward the St Patricks side features a round mock Italianate tower, with more restrained ornament. Large obelisk-like post modern lamps are used around the interior entrances.

The main tower uses the 2 wings to create a Chicagoesque Palazzo style, creating an effect similar to nearby Alcaston house in Spring Street. A central bay is prominent feature, becoming a curved bay toward the top, and the effect of this building is more post-modern.

The entire effect is of an elegant, but modern intrusion which complements the 19th century landscape, the result of a special development permit. The only downside being the customary modern roof features, such as cooling towers are not handled quite as well, and are more noticeable from a distance.


Architect: Buchan Group

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