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Collingwood Town Hall: 140 Hoddle Street, ABBOTSFORD

Collingwood Town Hall
Collingwood Town Hall
Collingwood Town Hall
Collingwood Town Hall
Collingwood Town Hall

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Building Profile

Name : Collingwood Town Hall


Address: 140 Hoddle Street

Postcode: 3067

Collingwood Town Hall is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1885 - 1890
Original use: Public
Current use: Public

Built in the Victorian period in the Second Empire style

Notable features

The Collingwood Town Hall is significant for its architectural association with two influential Melbourne architects. It is an important example of the work of George Johnson, possibly the most prolific designer of municipal buildings in late 19th century Victoria, as well as of many theatres and opera houses in Melbourne and other Australian cities and the annexes to the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. As a largely intact example of Johnsons work, it is of direct comparative relevance to other town halls designed by him, such as those in Hotham (North Melbourne) and Northcote. Renovations to the building conducted in 1938 were the work of A.C. Leith and Associates. Leith was notable for his work throughout Victoria. Amongst other things, he was instrumental in the establishment of the Housing Commission of Victorias Holmesglen House Factory and was the designer for Australias first Drive-In theatre at Burwood. The Collingwood Town Hall is of aesthetic significance because its largely intact and unpainted ornate exterior is a comparatively rare example of 19th century boom style classicism in original condition in Victoria. The exterior form remains substantially as it was when the building was opened in 1887, when it was lauded in the Melbourne press as a grand and attractive building.


Architect: George R Johnson

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