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Hoopers Store: 463-475 Sydney Road, Brunswick, BRUNSWICK

Hoopers Store
Hoopers Store
Hoopers Store
Hoopers Store
Hoopers Store

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Building Profile

Name : Hoopers Store


Address: 463-475 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Postcode: 3056

Construction Details

Built: 1908
Original use: Commercial
Current use: Commercial

number of floors : 3

Built in the Edwardian period in the Chicagoesque style

Notable features

Hoopers store is reputedly the first example of the American style of steel construction in Victoria, perhaps Australia - a concept conceived in Chicago in the late 1880s, and one which was pioneered and exploited locally by the Tompkins brothers during the first quarter of the twentieth century. It is also notable for its early use of a cantilevered or suspended street awning. Spacious cantilevered verandahs became the fashion by the 1920s, thus superseding the earlier more squat post supported types. Hoopers store is also important as an early example in Victoria of American Romanesque style architecture - a style of simplicity and weighty robustness developed during the last half of the nineteenth century which reflected commercial and industrial wealth and power.


Architect: H.W & F.B Tompkins

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