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CRA building: 95 Collins Street, MELBOURNE

CRA building
CRA building
CRA building
CRA building
CRA building

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Building Profile

Name : CRA building


Address: 95 Collins Street

Postcode: 3000

CRA building was a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1963
Original use: Office
Current use: Not Used or Not Applicable

(to roof) : 95
number of floors : 26

Built in the Sixties period in the Internationalist style

Notable features

One of the first buildings to take full advantage of the new plot ratio town planning act which allowed tall buildings to be set back from the street with a plaza, the size of which depended on the height. The building was in the International style, with trademark curtain wall frontages covering corbusian window spandrels starkly contrasted by vertical structural fins. Typically barren and sheer concrete wall sides gave this building an ambitious infill appearance. An uninspiringly vertical design but still impressive for the time.

The building also featured a stylish plaza, with palm trees, which contrasted highly with European Collins Street. The effect of the plaza is to create a stand-alone tower, and emphasize the importance. However this blatant disrespect for neighbouring buildings in the sensitive Paris end of Collins Street contributed to the buildings demise as much as any other factor.

melbournes tallest until 1969 when the 113m AMP square was completed.


Architect: Bernard Evans

This building has been destroyed (1980~)

The tallest building in Australia to be demolished at the time, later surpassed by the State Office block in Sydney.

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