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Melbourne Sun Insurance Building: 34 Queen Street cnr Flinders Lane, MELBOURNE

Melbourne Sun Insurance Building

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Building Profile

Name : Melbourne Sun Insurance Building


Address: 34 Queen Street cnr Flinders Lane

Postcode: 3000

Melbourne Sun Insurance Building was a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1890
Original use: Office
Current use: Not Used or Not Applicable

number of floors : 9

Built in the Victorian period in the Mannerist style

Notable features

Huge mass of a building, with a highly rich and undulating facade of strictly classical ornament. The builing is one of 3 tall 10 storey plus office towers erected by I.M Prell (who was an urban renewal commissioner at the time). They are all of Renaissance inspiration, but applied to large office towers in a similar fashion to those of New York and Chicago of the time. All were constructed of load bearing brick and made use of the new hydraulic lift systems. The profuse ornament is unusual for such large buildings, the use of alternating pediments for depth is highly noteable, and the cornice has been paid unusually elaborate attention.


Architect: F.M White

This building has been destroyed (1972)

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