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171 Latrobe Street: 171 Latrobe Street, MELBOURNE

171 Latrobe Street
171 Latrobe Street
171 Latrobe Street
171 Latrobe Street
171 Latrobe Street

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Building Profile

Name : 171 Latrobe Street


Address: 171 Latrobe Street

Postcode: 3000

171 Latrobe Street is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1991
Original use: Office
Current use: Mixed Use

Built in the Nineties period in the Modern style

Notable features

This project argues for a multiplicity of functions within one building. It is essentially a ten storey office building with accommodation for a tavern at ground level and two double storey apartments on top. The design clearly delineates the different functions within the building and uses them as the means of articulating the architectural expression. The main body of the building is split into 2 distinct vertical masses, something common in Katsalidis designs, one is of rectangular windows and a glazed green stone-like surface, and the other is acurtain walled glazed green glass. This gives a high contrasting visual effect embodied by the same building.


Architect: Nonda Katsalidis

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