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Stanhill Flats: 34 Queens Road, MELBOURNE

Stanhill Flats
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Stanhill Flats
Stanhill Flats
Stanhill Flats
Stanhill Flats

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Building Profile

Name : Stanhill Flats


Address: 34 Queens Road

Postcode: 3000

Stanhill Flats is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1948 - 1950
Original use: Residential (Apartments)
Current use: Residential (Apartments)

number of floors : 10

Built in the Forties period in the Internationalist style

Notable features

Stanhill Flats is a tall nine storey block of two bedroom flats built from reinforced off form concrete, steel and plate glass in the asymmetrical post war International style with curved balcony balustrading. The outer surface is rendered and gleaming white. The north elevation has sweeping balcony walkways with a ship like appearance. A stepped formation characterises the southern elevation of the building with three bays rising from six to eight storeys. The south elevation has exposed concrete framing and no sun shading, with floor to ceiling glazing and light iron balcony railings. The stepped plan facilites maximum light penetration and outdoor balcony privacy, maximising the individuality of each flat, while the original venetian blinds to the windows were planned to allow infinite variation in facade appearance as residents controlled interior light levels. The whole building is lifted off the ground by concrete pillars, producing an effect of weightlessness. The flats were an early manifestation of inner city suburban high rise living and a precursor of later Housing Commission experimentation in flat construction.


Architect: Frederick Romberg

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