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State Government Offices: 2 Treasury Place, EAST MELBOURNE

State Government Offices
State Government Offices
State Government Offices
State Government Offices
State Government Offices

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Building Profile

Name : State Government Offices


Address: 2 Treasury Place

Postcode: 3002

Construction Details

Built: 1874
Original use: Public (Government)
Current use: Public (Government)

number of floors : 4

Built in the Victorian period in the Renaissance Revival style

Notable features

These offices are one of Melbournes exceptional nineteenth century buildings. They are the centrepiece of the citys finest streetscapes and form an ideal backdrop to the Treasury Gardens. Austere in plan and composition, their excellence stems from the fine quality of the beautifully proportioned mouldings which articulate the whole complex. The grandeur of the main entrance, with its Doric loggia surmounted by the Royal Arms, is of special merit.


Architect: Michael Egan

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