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Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers: 135 Flinders Street, MELBOURNE

Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers
Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers
Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers
Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers
Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers

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Building Profile

Name : Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers


Address: 135 Flinders Street

Postcode: 3000

Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers was a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1967
Original use: Office
Current use: Office

(to roof) : 70
(to pinnacle) : 70
number of floors : 17

Built in the Sixties period in the Internationalist style

Notable features

Twin towers built over railway yards. Built of 50s brown brick with small aluminium windows giving vertical emphasis to horizontally focussed buildings.


Architect: Leslie M. Perrott and Partners

This building has been destroyed (1996-7)

"It is symbolic that we will be in a position in just two years to get rid of these towers which most Victorians regard as a dreadful eyesore, a blot on the city." Mr Kennett said the towers were featureless and upset the ambience of the city. He said they effectively cut the city off from its waterways, overshadowed Flinders Street Station and the historic Princes Bridge, obstructed the view across the gardens on the eastern side of the Yarra and presented a barrier between the city and its great boulevard, St Kilda Road. They also presented a drab entrance to Swanston Walk. "Removal of the towers will provide the opportunity for a project which enables us to capitalise on these assets which are known worldwide as the landmark images of Melbourne. "We will be able to create a notable gateway to the city and enhance the public amenity of the area." The Premier said todays contract signing had brought an end to a saga which had remained undecided for far too long under the former Government. At least one architect wrote an impassioned letter to The Age newspaper stating that the twin blocks should and must be retained as a particularly fine example of the architecture of their period.

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