Royal Insurance Group Building - 430 - 444 Collins Street. MELBOURNE [Walking Melbourne Building Information]
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Royal Insurance Group Building: 430 - 444 Collins Street, MELBOURNE

Royal Insurance Group Building

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Building Profile

Name : Royal Insurance Group Building


Address: 430 - 444 Collins Street

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Built: 1964 - 1965
Original use: Office
Current use: Office

number of floors : 17

Built in the Sixties period in the Modern style

Notable features

Sleek, vertically emphasized black office tower with narrow mullions and thick spandrels, open modern base set back from the street with a small plaza (permitted by plot ratio regulation). THe building shows the influences of Mies Van Der Rohes Federal Center in Chicago (1964) and earlier Seagram building in New York (1958).


Architect: Yuncken Freeman

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