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Australian Natives Association: 28-32 Elizbeth Street, MELBOURNE

Australian Natives Association

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Building Profile

Name : Australian Natives Association


Address: 28-32 Elizbeth Street

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Built: 1939
Original use: Office
Current use: Office

Built in the Georgian period in the Stripped Classical style

Notable features

The design of the Australian Natives Association building conveys the notion of a vertically stretched columnade complete with crowning cornice. The design has some Art-Deco detailing in the spandrels, and is composed of architectural terracotta.


Formed in Melbourne as a Friendly Society during 1871, the Australian Natives Association (ANA) helped promote a national awareness which was eventually to lead to federation in 1900. A series of conferences, held by the ANA after the economic fall of the early 1890's, inspired further conventions to formulate a constitution. A similarly nationalistic role was taken during the conscription issue of World War One, Women's suffrage, the one-vote-one-man principle and the minimum wage. Aboriginal welfare, soil and water conservation issues and decimal coinage were among the association's campaigns and Sir Isaacs, Alfred Deakin, Sir Edward Barton and Sir Robert Menzies were prominent among their membership.

Architect: Marsh & Michaelson

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