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Melbourne Grammar School Main Quadrangle: 345 St Kilda Road, SOUTH YARRA

Melbourne Grammar School Main Quadrangle

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Building Profile

Name : Melbourne Grammar School Main Quadrangle


Address: 345 St Kilda Road

Postcode: 3141

Melbourne Grammar School Main Quadrangle is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1856
Original use: Education
Current use: Education

number of floors : 2

Built in the Victorian period in the Neo-Gothic style

Notable features

Melbourne Grammar School is situated on a large block of 15 acres bounded by St Kilda Road, Domain Road, Domain Street and Bromby Street. The school has also acquired additional property in the streets surrounding the original site. The main site comprises three ovals ( Main Oval, Steele Oval and Wadhurst Oval) and a series of` school buildings constructed from 1856 to the present day. The earliest buildings on this site were erected between 1856 and 1858 in bluestone with freestone dressings, and comprise the gate lodge and west wing of the quadrangle. The Witherby tower was completed in 1876 and between 1861 and 1891 the quadrangle building was completed based on Webb and Taylors Tudor-Gothic style designs. After 1876 no attempt was made to conform to Charles Webbs original plan but buildings were designed to harmonise with the earlier quadrangle buildings. The Gothic style chapel was constructed in 1892 to the design of architect A E Johnson. In 1905 the appointment of the partnership of Godfrey & Spowers began a tradition of appointing old boys as school architects. In 1908 they completed the Cuming Wing begun by Inskip and Butler in 1898. In 1910 the Ross Memorial Gates were opened and the Chapel Square was formed. In 1913 the Jubilee Wing, also designed by Godfrey and Spowers, was built adjacent to the quadrangle. In 1928 the War Memorial Hall was opened, designed by Hugh L Peck and built as a memorial to old boys who were killed in the First World War.


Architect: Webb & Taylor

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