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Colonial Mutual Chambers: 60 Market Street, MELBOURNE

Colonial Mutual Chambers
Colonial Mutual Chambers
Colonial Mutual Chambers
Colonial Mutual Chambers
Colonial Mutual Chambers

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Building Profile

Name : Colonial Mutual Chambers


Address: 60 Market Street

Postcode: 3000

Colonial Mutual Chambers was a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1889
Original use: Office
Current use: Not Used or Not Applicable

number of floors : 10

Built in the Victorian period in the Queen Anne style

Notable features

A huge 10 storey office tower in the Queen Anne style. Very rare example of the style applied to a tall office building, and was very similar to other Melbourne buildings, including the taller APA on Elizabeth Street, the shorter Lombard building on Queen Street and the gothic Safe Deposit building on Queen Street. This building was of the infill type, with a large gabled roof, cornice and featured dormer style pediment. Adorned with a complex Mannerist facade featuring all manner of broken pediments and a central bay feature terminating at the cornice in an early Palazzo style treatment to the new genre of Victorian skyscraper. Along with the Prell towers and APA, one of the most impressive towers to emerge from the land boom, but short lived and quickly forgotten.



This building has been destroyed (1930~)

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