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Hosies Hotel: 1-5 Elizabeth Street, MELBOURNE

Hosies Hotel
Hosies Hotel
Hosies Hotel
Hosies Hotel
Hosies Hotel

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Building Profile

Name : Hosies Hotel


Address: 1-5 Elizabeth Street

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Built: 1955
Original use: Club/Hotel/Coffee Palace
Current use: Accomodation

Built in the Fifties period in the Internationalist style

Notable features

Constructed in anticipation of the 1956 Olympics the corbusian window motifed International styled building has an unusual attribute in that it elects for a street podium to better harmonize the blandish tower with the streetscape. An abstract ceramic mural is a striking visual reminder of the period, an integral part of the building design and is now a rarity amongst city buildings. The blank wall, typical of International styled buildings is treated extremely skillfully for a building of this type, with a square stone-like texture carved out of the orange concrete form pierced by a three parallel vertical rows of small square windows. The overall effect is an extremely balanced building of refined geometrical collisions composed of different textures and colours for a flamboyant and abstract visual effect that addresses its prime corner position. One of my personal favourite buildings in this style.


Architect: Mussen, McKay and Potter

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