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Ackmans Building: 250-254 Flinders Street, MELBOURNE

Ackmans Building
Ackmans Building
Ackmans Building
Ackmans Building
Ackmans Building

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Building Profile

Name : Ackmans Building


Address: 250-254 Flinders Street

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Original use: Office
Current use: Mixed Use

number of floors : 4

Built in the Edwardian period in the Chicagoesque style

Notable features

A classically inspired Edwardian building featuring Federation freesytle motifs. The building features a modest Chicagoesque base consisting of elongated rectangular windows between 4 giant order pilasters. Above the midsection cornice the base terminates in a series of arches (an American Romanesque treatment) and a large central arch window which reflects the form of the nearby entrance of Flinders Street station (built around the same time). The roofline consists of terminating vertical pilasters adorned by sperical urns. A squat curvelinear gable frames the classical pediment with the main window forming a triumphal arch. The effect is as though the office building is crowned by a Renaissance temple and the purpose of the base is to draw the eye to the skillfully composed crown of the building.



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