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Goods Shed No 2: 731-743 Bourke Street, DOCKLANDS

Goods Shed No 2
Goods Shed No 2
Goods Shed No 2
Goods Shed No 2
Goods Shed No 2

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Building Profile

Name : Goods Shed No 2


Address: 731-743 Bourke Street

Postcode: 3008

Construction Details

Built: 1889 - 1890
Original use: Transport/Station
Current use: Not Used or Not Applicable

number of floors : 2

Built in the Victorian period in the Second Empire style

Notable features

A polychromatic, face brick building, the structure is arranged under three gabled roofs each with clerestories. Iron columns at nine metre intervals support the truss-framed roofs internally, while the outside walls are solid brick. The central trusses span fifteen metres and those in the side sections nine metres. In length the building measures 370m. The centre of the goods shed contains three tracks and to each side are wide storage and loading areas at the floor level of the rail wagons. Outside walls have arched doors at close centres along the full length of the sides, serving loading areas which also run the full length of both sides of the building, allowing goods to be transferred from horse-drawn vehicles directly inside. The two-storeyed office block is situated in the south-east corner of the building and has a central tower and stucco decoration, including the main door surround. The clock face was excluded from the contract and, as is the case at Ballarat, was not installed initially. On the blocks south facade is the VR insignia with a crown above, while the east facade is pedimented and displays the construction date, 1889, in the tympanum. The principal south facade features gables in the manner of industrial architecture of the time.


This nineteenth century goods shed, located off Flinders Street at Spencer Street Station, was erected in 1889-90 to replace earlier, inadequate facilities and reflects the Railways Departments urgent need for goods handling accommodation arising from the boom years of the 1880s. A P Tozer and Company were the builders and the construction contract (No 4007) was signed on 19 August 1889. The office section was extended in 1907 by the addition of further space at the north end of the office building and other changes have been made over the years. The Goods Shed was built at the same time as the old Railways Headquarters Building which was constructed in 1888-1893. These two structures were, along with the main passenger stations at Flinders and Spencer Streets, the heart of the Victorian railways until well into this century.


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