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Government Printing Office: 41 St Andrews Place, EAST MELBOURNE

Government Printing Office
Government Printing Office
Government Printing Office
Government Printing Office
Government Printing Office

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Building Profile

Name : Government Printing Office


Address: 41 St Andrews Place

Postcode: 3002

Construction Details

Built: 1856 - 1859
Original use: Public (Government)
Current use: Public (Government)

number of floors : 3

Built in the Victorian period in the Renaissance Revival style

Notable features

The Government Printing Office is an early example of J J Clarks works in the Italian Renaissance style, thus reflecting Classical influences. It is a two-storey rendered structure (with basement), flanked by two double-height entrance spaces, with a hipped roof on a moulded projecting parapet. There are slightly projecting mouldings around windows and the first floor windows are round-arched. There is emphasis at impost level on these windows and on the arched entrances which also have keystone mouldings. Roundels on the facade and some rustication to the upper floor quoins are features of the buildings sparse decoration. The strong declivity of the site necessitates an increasing basement storey and an unequal height to the shallowly projecting entrances, unbalancing the symmetrical facade.


Architect: J.J Clark

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