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St Marys Anglican Cathedral: 163 Howard Street, NORTH MELBOURNE

St Marys Anglican Cathedral

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Building Profile

Name : St Marys Anglican Cathedral


Address: 163 Howard Street

Postcode: 3051

Construction Details

Built: 1858 - 1868
Original use: Church/Cathedral
Current use: Church/Cathedral

Built in the Victorian period in the Neo-Gothic style

Notable features

The present structure is one of North Melbournes oldest buildings and Lloyd Taylors earliest work. The Church is surrounded by attractive gardens and presents a notable composition of bluestone gables. The austere and expansive interior is well planned and culminates in a distinctive vaulted crossing. The timber ceilings in the nave, trancepts and chancel are also notable.The uncarved label blocks are an interesting external feature. Only the base of the proposed tower and spire was executed


Architect: Lloyd Tayler

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