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Ulimaroa: 630 St Kilda Road, ST KILDA

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Building Profile

Name : Ulimaroa


Address: 630 St Kilda Road

Postcode: 3182

Construction Details

Built: 1889
Original use: Residential (Mansion)
Current use: Office

number of floors : 2

Built in the Victorian period in the Victorian Italianate style

Notable features

Ulimaroa is an asymmetrically planned two storey house with an entrance porch in the base of the central tower. A double storey cast iron and timber verandah returns down the north side of the house to the side projecting bay windowed room, in the standard nineteenth century manner. Construction is in stuccoed brickwork with a slate roof. Stucco decoration generally is sparse. The first floor string course has the same pattern as the cast iron and the top storey of the tower, these are the most thoroughly decorated areas. There is no first floor verandah frieze.


Ulimaroa was erected in 1889 for Dr E I Watkin, a leading Wesleyan minister. Watkin never lived in the house, but he did rent it out. Ship owner John Traill was the first tenant. He finally became Chairman of Directors of Huddart, Parker and Company after some forty years with the firm in its various forms and at that time he bought the house from Watkin. The Traill family lived at Ulimaroa until 1948, when a relative, Dr Barrett, acquired the property. Residential use ended in about 1960 when Repco Limited bought the house for its directors offices. It was at this time that the building was very substantially altered internally and enlarged with sizeable rear additions.


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