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Melbourne College of Printing & Graphic: 603-615 Queensberry Street, NORTH MELBOURNE

Melbourne College of Printing & Graphic

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Building Profile

Name : Melbourne College of Printing & Graphic


Address: 603-615 Queensberry Street

Postcode: 3051

Construction Details

Built: 1882
Original use: Education
Current use: Education

number of floors : 3

Built in the Victorian period in the Neo-Gothic style

Notable features

The two storey, red brick building with limestone quatrefoil tracery, rendered trims and a bluestone plinth stands very prominently along Queensberry Street. Its main feature is the central tower in the manner of William Butterfield and the five traceried windows on its upper floor. The tower has a gable end roof that appears in the form of a saddle roof, where it incorporates two gables and one ridge line. It is intentionally used to balance the two gable ended wings.


Architect: Henry Bastow

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