St Marys Church - 208 Dandenong Road. ST KILDA EAST [Walking Melbourne Building Information]
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St Marys Church: 208 Dandenong Road, ST KILDA EAST

St Marys Church
St Marys Church
St Marys Church
St Marys Church
St Marys Church

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Building Profile

Name : St Marys Church


Address: 208 Dandenong Road

Postcode: 3183

Construction Details

Built: 1859
Original use: Church/Cathedral
Current use: Church/Cathedral

Built in the Victorian period in the Neo-Gothic style

Notable features

The church is of bluestone with freestone dressings. A feature of the front elevation is the belfry which surmounts the composition. Steep sided capping reflects that of the nave roof. The church also features lancet windows and steep buttresses.


Architect: William Wardell

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