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Primary School No.2605: 215 Rathdowne Street, CARLTON

Primary School No.2605
Primary School No.2605
Primary School No.2605
Primary School No.2605
Primary School No.2605

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Building Profile

Name : Primary School No.2605


Address: 215 Rathdowne Street

Postcode: 3053

Construction Details

Built: 1883 - 1884
Original use: Education
Current use: Education

Built in the Victorian period in the Neo-Gothic style

Notable features

The Primary School at 215 Rathdowne Street, Carlton is an Italian Gothic style building built in 1884 with a hipped roof central pavillion buttressed either end by slightly projecting gables. The roof now finished with terracotta tiles was most probably originally slate. The walls are polychromatic brick with limestone panels, quatrefoils to the gables, dressings, keystones and reveals as well as basalt columns and mouldings used on the main entry design elements. The design is attributed to either J.H. Kelleher, who was the most senior assistant to Henry Bastow as the head of the Schools Section of the Public Works Department in the 1880s, or S.H. Bindley, who was also working for the Public Works Department at this time


Architect: Henry Bastow

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