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Franklin Lofts: 77 Franklin Street, MELBOURNE

Franklin Lofts
Franklin Lofts
Franklin Lofts
Franklin Lofts
Franklin Lofts

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Building Profile

Name : Franklin Lofts


Address: 77 Franklin Street

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Built: 2000 - 2002
Original use: Residential (Apartments)
Current use: Residential (Apartments)

(to roof) : 104
(to pinnacle) : 104
number of floors : 31

Built in the Recent period in the Modern style

Notable features

The design concept emerged from the idea of two-storey, New York style, lofts in a modernist high-rise building. The white-black-silver material palette and the rectangular and linear design forms have their origins in Bauhaus design principles.


Architect: Peddle Thorp

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