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Electric Light Station: St Andrews Place, MELBOURNE

Electric Light Station
Electric Light Station
Electric Light Station
Electric Light Station
Electric Light Station

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Building Profile

Name : Electric Light Station


Address: St Andrews Place

Postcode: 3000

Construction Details

Built: 1888 - 1889
Original use: Public (Government)
Current use: Not Used or Not Applicable

Built in the Edwardian period in the Renaissance Revival style

Notable features

The buiding was constructed of rendered brick, and had a very functional design with enough ornament to fit discretely into the environment of the Treasury precinct. A dominant chimney stack for the furnace. The building was significantly remodelled in 1909 with a new facade of polychrome brick, new roof with decorative ventilators and altered windows for the Mining Laboratory which took over after the power station became redundant. The modifications were such that it was considered a completely new building.



This building has been destroyed

The building was demolished to make way for the State Chemical Laboratories in 1964.

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