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Yorkshire Brewery: 88 Wellington Street, COLLINGWOOD

Yorkshire Brewery
Yorkshire Brewery
Yorkshire Brewery
Yorkshire Brewery
Yorkshire Brewery

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Building Profile

Name : Yorkshire Brewery


Address: 88 Wellington Street

Postcode: 3066

Yorkshire Brewery is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1880
Original use: Industrial
Current use: Not Used or Not Applicable

number of floors : 5

Built in the Victorian period in the Second Empire style

Notable features

The former Yorkshire brewery is a stunning landmark consisting of a huge romanesque and second empire combination tower that features polychrome brickwork. Suprisingly, the Yorkshire was the tallest building in Australia for 10 years until it was superceeded by the 10 storey Finks building in 1888. The Yorkshire is currently being converted into apartments, although several speculative developers have left the site scarred, with the original stables now demolished. The Yorkshire brewery building is now heritage registered and controls are in place to preserve it.


Architect: James Wood

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