Esplanade Hotel (the Espy) - 11 The Esplanade. ST KILDA [Walking Melbourne Building Information]
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Esplanade Hotel (the Espy): 11 The Esplanade, ST KILDA

Esplanade Hotel (the Espy)
Esplanade Hotel (the Espy)
Esplanade Hotel (the Espy)
Esplanade Hotel (the Espy)
Esplanade Hotel (the Espy)

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Building Profile

Name : Esplanade Hotel (the Espy)


Address: 11 The Esplanade

Postcode: 3182

Construction Details

Built: 1878
Original use: Club/Hotel/Coffee Palace
Current use: Club/Hotel/Coffee Palace

number of floors : 3

Built in the Victorian period in the Renaissance Revival style

Notable features

The Espy is one of the most loved of St.Kildas many hotels since its heyday when the seaside village was a playground resort. It has since played a big part in supporting the original live music scene in Melbourne.

The building underwent modifications in 1921s with the construction of a portico replacing the previous elegant twin storey cast iron verandahs.

Despite National Trust listing in 1990, the Esplande Hotel building is currently under threat from re-development.


Architect: Smith & Johnson

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