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Yarras Edge 1: Docklands Highway, DOCKLANDS

Yarras Edge 1
Yarras Edge 1
Yarras Edge 1
Yarras Edge 1
Yarras Edge 1

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Building Profile

Name : Yarras Edge 1


Address: Docklands Highway

Postcode: 3008

Construction Details

Built: 2001 - 2002
Original use: Residential (Apartments)
Current use: Residential (Apartments)

(to roof) : 100
number of floors : 32

Built in the Recent period in the Modern style

Notable features

The first of five Mirvac developed towers to grace the south bank of the Docklands development and one of the first completed apartment towers in the docklands, Yarras Edge 1 is an eye catching building. With its distinctive skewed gold class clad box juxtaposed atop a tower that is on one side a sweeping curve, on another a golden wall and yet another sharp and straight, this tower is different from every angle. The balconies are cleverly integrated into the building via a tear shaped feature which marks the city end of the facade. A podium relates well both to the busy Wurrunjeri way road and the wide Yarras Edge promenade. The entire effect is youthful, playful but elegant and representing the overall theme of the new docklands development.


Architect: HPA Architects

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