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St Kilda Town Hall: 99A Carlisle Street, ST KILDA

St Kilda Town Hall
St Kilda Town Hall
St Kilda Town Hall
St Kilda Town Hall
St Kilda Town Hall

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Building Profile

Name : St Kilda Town Hall


Address: 99A Carlisle Street

Postcode: 3182

St Kilda Town Hall is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1890 - 1925
Original use: Hall
Current use: Hall

number of floors : 2

Built in the Victorian period in the Academic Classical style

Notable features

Pitt's grand vision for the town hall was never completed. When funds dried out, the plans which included an ornate free classical tower details, similar in design to the South Melbourne Town Hall were not realised. The large classical portico added in 1925 (not part of Pitt's original design) and the building, which once had a stone finish was stuccoed and painted white. To coincide with St Kilda's new status as a city, the building was renamed City Hall. The City Hall sits in 19th century gardens which form circular driveway and entrance to the grand staircase. The gardens were once used as recreational space, however these days is isolated from pedestrians by the busy Brighton Road and Carlisle street intersection. Fire damaged many of the interiors in the 1960s and the building has been through several subsequent restoration, renovation and extension. After the amalgamatian of the City of St Kilda with the City of Port Melbourne and the City of South Melbourne in 1994 to form the City of Port Phillip, the Town Hall now functions as secondary offices for the new Port Phillip City Council (City of Port Phillip). The building is currently being redeveloped to extend the office and parking space for the council.


Architect: William Pitt

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