Clendore Terrace - 18-20 Fitzroy Street . ST KILDA [Walking Melbourne Building Information]
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Clendore Terrace: 18-20 Fitzroy Street , ST KILDA

Clendore Terrace
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Clendore Terrace
Clendore Terrace
Clendore Terrace
Clendore Terrace

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Building Profile

Name : Clendore Terrace


Address: 18-20 Fitzroy Street

Postcode: 3182

Construction Details

Built: 1881 - 1882
Original use: Residential (Terrace)
Current use: Office

number of floors : 3

Built in the Victorian period in the Victorian Italianate style

Notable features

A remarkably intact terrace featuring cast iron columned arched verandahs.


Redeveloped in 2009 with apartments added to the rear.


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