Drummond Terrace - 93-105 Drummond Street. CARLTON [Walking Melbourne Building Information]
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Drummond Terrace: 93-105 Drummond Street, CARLTON

Drummond Terrace
Drummond Terrace
Drummond Terrace
Drummond Terrace
Drummond Terrace

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Building Profile

Name : Drummond Terrace


Address: 93-105 Drummond Street

Postcode: 3053

Drummond Terrace is a landmark

Construction Details

Built: 1890 - 1891
Original use: Residential (Terrace)
Current use: Residential (Terrace)

number of floors : 3

Built in the Georgian period in the Academic Classical style

Notable features

longest and grandest three storey terraces in Melbourne. Features a series of round arched arcades without cast iron ornament.


Most of the verandahs were closed in during the 1960s, however these have been subsequently removed and opened up to original state.

Architect: Walter Scott Law

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