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YVE Apartments: 576-578 St Kilda Road, MELBOURNE

YVE Apartments
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YVE Apartments
YVE Apartments
YVE Apartments
YVE Apartments

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Building Profile

Name : YVE Apartments


Address: 576-578 St Kilda Road

Postcode: 3004

Construction Details

Built: 2005 - 2006
Original use: Residential (Apartments)
Current use: Residential (Apartments)

(to roof) : 64
(to pinnacle) : 64
number of floors : 20

Built in the Recent period in the Modern style

Notable features

Bulky building which uses a curvy waving glass facade in the shape of two adjoined figure eights that tapers to the top to break up its bulk and maximise views for occupants towards the CBD and bay over Albert Park and Lake.


Constructed by the Sunland Group.

Architect: Wood Marsh

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