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The Mansion: 83 Queens Road, MELBOURNE

The Mansion
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The Mansion
The Mansion
The Mansion
The Mansion

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Building Profile

Name : The Mansion
Past Names : Clarence


Address: 83 Queens Road

Postcode: 3004

Construction Details

Built: 1898
Original use: Residential (Mansion)
Current use: Residential (Apartments)

number of floors : 2

Built in the Victorian period in the Victorian Italianate style

Notable features

The Mansion is a Victorian mansion in the Italianate style complete with double storey classical loggia and central faceted bay.


The building was built 1898 for financier Laurence Benjamin and originally known as "Clarence" and originally painted in white.

It was converted into a cabaret venue in the 1980s and largely reconfigured to become a nightclub known as "The Mansion" in the 1990s which hosted the notorious Hellfire bondage club.  The building was repainted cream yellow with orange trim.  The nighclub closed in 1998.

The Mansion was lifted it and moved in 2002 an expensive engineering exercise in order to erected an 18-level apartment building behind it.

After over half a decade of neglect, a proposal was put forward in 2009 to convert the mansion into apartments.



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